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Usage Analysis: Report for Date Range
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Start: 10 September 2017
11 September 2018
Usage Analysis shows an overview of the activity on the site over the selected time range.
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Server Activity Totals   
Total Sessions Served197909
Total Hits598179
Total Page Hits223082
Total Non Page Hits375097
Total Session Duration11394644s
Total Transferred 14.42 GB

Server Activity Averages   
Total Sessions Served197909
Average Hits Per Session3
Average Page Hits Per Session1
Average Session Duration57s
Average Transfer/Session 76.40 kB

Page views per session breakdown   
92206 (46.7%)sessions made0page requests
76163 (38.6%)sessions made1page requests
24835 (12.6%)sessions made2-5page requests
2083 (1.1%)sessions made6-10page requests
1132 (0.6%)sessions made11-20page requests
534 (0.3%)sessions made21-50page requests
215 (0.1%)sessions made51-100page requests
121 (0.1%)sessions made101+page requests

Time spent per session breakdown   
181430 (92.0%)sessions lasted0minutes
1970 (1.0%)sessions lasted1minutes
4404 (2.2%)sessions lasted2-5minutes
5867 (3.0%)sessions lasted6-15minutes
2753 (1.4%)sessions lasted16-30minutes
514 (0.3%)sessions lasted31-45minutes
146 (0.1%)sessions lasted46-60minutes
205 (0.1%)sessions lasted61+minutes

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